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Sod Installation Service

Sod installation service is commonly used after new construction or when home owners feel their lawn is beyond repair or want a beautiful lawn now and not after a few seasons of work. We have an experienced technician come out to your property and do a visual survey to see what kind of grass would work best with the amount of light the area receives as well as foot traffic and a number of other factors. If we foresee any future problems we will address them with you and provide solutions.

We use a proven step by step procedure for planting new sod that gives it the best chance to grow into a thick and healthy lawn with a deep root system. Our technicians are properly trained and experienced so you know your lawn is in good hands.

Sod Installation Process

On-Site Evaluation and Measuring

Proper Grass Type Is Chosen

Sod and Top Soil Is Delivered

Sprinkler Heads Are Flagged

Soil Is Tilled and Prepped

Fresh Soil Is Added to the Yard

Sod Is Laid, Shaped, and Leveled

Sprinkler Holes Are Cut

Starter Fertilizer Is Spread

Irrigation Process Begins

Types of Sod We Install

Celebration Bermuda

sod installation service

Celebration Bermuda is a warm season turf grass that also has an excellent wear, drought, heat, and salt tolerance. It grows a deep root system and is dark green when properly fertilized and mowed. Celebration has the best cold tolerance our of the available Bermuda type grasses. It also has a higher shade tolerance.

Common Bermuda

common bermuda sod

Common Bermuda grass is drought resistant, heat tolerant, and likes direct sunlight. It can grow on many different soil types with proper fertilization and maintenance. Common bermuda is widely used in South Texas for all turf applications. All breeds of Bermuda are resistant to disease and insect infestations.

Palisades Zoysia

palisades zoysia sod

Palisades Zoysia is noted for its shade tolerance and requires less water. It has thicker grass blades than the other Zoysia grasses. Palisades grows slowly and requires less mowing during the growing season. It has a deep green color and unique overall texture when mowed properly. Palisades is one of the best options for high quality lawns.

Emerald Zoysia

zoysia emerald sod

Emerald Zoysia, like other Zoysia blends, does well in direct light, shade, heat, and cold. Emerald is a slow growing grass that does not require as much maintenance as Bermuda and St. Augustine lawns. It is a deep green color with thin blades. It is resistant to disease and insects. Emerald Zoysia is one of the highest quality turfs available.

Palmeto St Augustine

palmeto st augustine sod

Palmetto St. Augustine shows great resistant qualities to shade, cold, frost, heat, and drought. Palmetto is a versatile grass that is used frequently in South Texas. It grows rapidly and quickly spreads throughout the yard. Palmetto is tolerant to brown patch, grub worms, and chinch bugs during the growing season. St. Augustine produces more thatch than Bermuda and Zoysia so it must be bagged every couple of mows.

Raleigh St Augustine

raleigh st augustine sod

Raleigh St. Augustine has flatter stems but still makes dense turf. Raleigh has great shade, heat, cold, drought, and wear tolerance, but is somewhat prone to fungal disease and insect infestations. It produces more thatch than other grasses and must be bagged every few mows. It requires more water and does well during the humid summer months. It is one of the most common turfs because of the price.

The Texas Lawn Pros Guarantee

Texas Lawn Pros Guarantee

Our sod installation services come with the Texas Lawn Pros service guarantee. If you don’t see the results our experts promise, simply give us a call. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.

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