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Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aeration service is a procedure that requires removing plugs and perforating a lawn with holes in order to loosen it to allow for air and water to penetrate the roots. It puts less stress on the lawn and also allows proper room for nutrients to reach the root system. This technique provides for a much healthier lawn, especially if there is thatching or grass built up. Thatching can overcome the lawn and keep the roots from getting proper nourishment. Another reason for aerating is to avoid the compacting of soil. When soils compact in a lawn, the solid particles prevent water and air from circulating properly.

What is Lawn Aeration?

lawn aeration service

Lawn Aeration Services typically involves using a machine with cylinder-shaped tines to penetrate the ground. Those tines pull 1.5-inch plugs of grass, thatch and soil out of the ground.

This opens up the soil allowing the grass plants to breathe. It permits better utilization of fertilizer, air and water, and it drives the roots down deep.”

The most commonly used lawn aerators look like push lawn mowers, but manufacturers also sell riding models. You may also see lawn aerators that attach to tractors or riding lawn mowers, where the tines are attached to a weighted drum that spins as the machine moves forward.

The Texas Lawn Pros Guarantee

Texas Lawn Pros Guarantee

All our lawn aeration services come with the Texas Lawn Pros service guarantee. If you don’t see the results our experts promise, simply give us a call. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.

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