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If you live in Texas, specifically anywhere in South Texas, taking care of your lawn can be major challenge. Between heat stress and drought stress, it can be hard to keep your lawn healthy enough to fight off the weeds!

If you are looking for professional service that ensures the beauty of your lawn all year, then you have found the right company. We can make it our job to help you keep those annoying weeds away. Lawn care in Texas doesn’t have to be overwhelming. All you need to do is give us a call at 361-400-7092, and leave it all to us!

What sets us apart from other lawn care companies is that we know what we’re doing we are licensed and insured. Our experts realize that all weeds are not the same. There are tons of different types, each having its own properties and weaknesses.

The key to successful weed removal is employing the proper way of dealing with each type of weed. We can help create the lawn you want, and ensure its long life.

What is it with weeds, anyway?

Does it seem that weeds take over certain parts of the yard faster? Well, there may be several things wrong with that certain area of your lawn.

  • It may have had inadequate water, leading to drought-stressed and weed-prone grass
  • The temperatures may be higher than usual, leading to heat-stressed grass
  • The turf may be a little sparse in that area, giving way for weeds to sprout.

As an expert lawn care service provider, we can help you prevent the growth of weeds with regular lawn maintenance service.

These include treatments with a pre-emergent herbicide during winter, spring and fall times. These pre-emergent herbicide treatments can keep the weeds from germinating, so you won’t have a summer/winter weed problem in the first place.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Yes, In The Case Of Weeds Too!

A healthy lawn will need timely and proper fertilizing, mowing and watering. We do it all with expertise. These services can be your first line of defense in controlling weed propagation. We can also help cure issues that arise from pro-longed neglect of your lawn.

If the weeds are already out and about in the yard, we are armed and ready to take action. This can include chemical weed killers, or more organic alternatives as per your preferences.

Would you like to learn more about these weed control services from Texas Lawn Pros? Give us a call at 361-400-7092!

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