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There’s no time like summertime!

The smell of fresh sprouting leaves, the sound of sweet birds singing their morning song—each dawn more glorious than the last. Long days serenade us with the promise of a beautiful tomorrow, wherein the first rays of sunshine mark the beginning of an exciting adventure.

But with summer comes a chock-full of troubles too, especially if you live in Texas.


Because at the peak of summer, you’re not the only one who feels like coming out of your cave and frolicking in the sun.

So do all garden-dwellers in the shape of sneaky pests, just waiting for the sun to shine!

Time to Get Territorial

Sure, everyone loves summer—but when uninvited guests start invading your personal space, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and reclaim your territory.

Having a lawn is one of the main ingredients of a truly fantastic recipe for summer. And if you’re letting creepy crawly critters spoil the broth, it’s your responsibility to start afresh. Here’s how:

Invest in a Manicured Lawn

Talk to any professional lawn care provider and the first thing they’re bound to tell you is that maintenance is EVERYTHING in the world of lawn care.

Ants, crickets, spiders, bees—these are commonly found in grassy greens. But if you keep your lawn well-manicured through the season, you’re likely to avoid them and retain control of your yard.

How, exactly?

Because a maintained lawn includes regular sessions of the following procedures which are highly effective in keeping pests away.

Trimming: This means more than pruning leaves and branches; it involves inspecting the foundation wall for the presence of weeds and trimming them immediately. This is because weeds trap excess moisture and hide the evidence of an infestation, creating the perfect breeding ground for termites and an overall pest-friendly environment.

In addition, boxwoods should be trimmed away from the house, and you should preferably plant certain varieties that are mite and pest-resistant.

Mulching: As much as you like adding mulch to your yard, conserving soil fertility and moisture, it’s just as important to understand how it attracts pests and what you can do to avoid them. Being warm and moist, it draws in pests like bees to honey, which is precisely why it’s important to keep it away from your home—typically 18 inches for a safe bet.

Dethatching: If you’re eager to swing blissfully in your hammock come summer, you’re likely to invest in soil fertilization for some lush green grass. But in your enthusiasm, you may get a little carried away and end up with overfertilized soil and heavy sod, which paves the way for moss and mold, and attracts pests like millipedes.

Don’t let pests and bugs put a damper on the most highly anticipated season of the year.

Call our lawn care providers in Rockport and Portland, and enjoy the pleasures of a cool, pest-free summer!

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